Welcome to UKTA

"UK Telugu Association (UKTA) is non-religious, non-profit organization that encourages Telugu speaking people around the England to actively participate in the progress of the community that defines their identity."

UK Telugu Association’s development oriented programs are designed to build principles leadership, empower visionaries to inspire collective action and unite towards a common vision while creating opportunities for youth/ student and Telugu speaking community. To serve UKTA by applying their skills, time and resources towards grassroots of projects and sustainable strategies for change. The core fellowship program aims to inspire a new generation of youth leaders through structured grassroots of public service opportunities.

UKTA a Telugu Association based in London projects embody a firm and demonstrated commitment to promoting Telugu culture in the community, active role in contributing to the welfare of the communities’ around us. By engaging young talented young Telugu students around UK to tackle most pressing challenges,we can build a new brand of socially conscious leaders with character, knowledge, commitment and vision to transform India and the world.

UKTA’s greatest challenges are not financial; there is lot money available for good ideas. However the sectors that comprise the Nation’s backbone (education, civil services, development, health services, the social sector, politics, etc) have adire need for committed and visionary talented to drive sustained progress. The youngest talented people in UKTA should have viable opportunities to contribute to the country and be rewarded for their contribution to National progress.

Young people want to contribute, but they are looking for both the opportunities and incentives to act. By developing a selective program to engage committed and able young people, we can generate an aura of prestige around opportunities for young Telugu people to take responsibility for national progress. Encouraging civic engagement within the youth will transform the way they interact with society and inspire others to follow suit-leading to wide spread attitudinal shift that is required for a vibrant and participatory democracy.

Aim & Objectives:

To promote and cultivate the True knowledge and understanding of Telugu culture to students and youth

  •  To maintain, enhance, understand, and appreciate Telugu culture and language,
  •  To preserve Telugu heritage by celebrating various Telugu festivals holidays,
  •  To make arrangements for all round development of the individuals attached with the Organization, to nourish their talents and to make them useful for the next generation.
  •  To provide the charity events and programs for the benefit of the Telugu community people in general and community in particular
  •  To provide equal importance to Women in UKTA
  •  To organize small workshops among Telugu people in regular intervals regarding jobs, studies, financial issues, immigration etc
  •  To provide platform for networking meetings among Business People
  •  To promote Telugu organizations and Telugu community to on common platform for the betterment of the Telugu Community.
  •  To mobilize students and youth for promoting Variations activities of UKTA