Any person interested in activity furthering the objectives of the UKTA and paying the subscription fees as determined by the managing committee shall be a member of the UKTA. To become a member, a person shall submit an application in the prescribed form together with the subscription fees. On the approval of his application by the managing committee, the person shall become a member of the UKTA.

There are two types of membership available at present, “Family membership” and “Individual membership. The family membership applies to a family living at a common abode. The individual membership applies to an individual wishing to be a member in his own right. No member of the UKTA shall undertake any activity in the name of UKTA without the express approval of the managing committee. No member shall have the right of more than one vote.


Cessation on Membership:

  • Membership shall cease on the resignation, death or legal incapacity of the member.
  • Failure to pay the annual subscription in full by the end of six months after the close of the preceding financial year shall render the member concerned liable to removal from the membership at the discretion of the managing committee.

If any member offends against any of the rules of the UKTA or whose conduct, in the opinion of the Managing committee, renders him unfit for membership, the Managing Committee

  • shall have the right to expel him from membership of the UKTA. The managing committee
  • shall notify the member accordingly within fourteen days of his expulsion, such member
  • shall however have the right of appeal to the chairperson of the UKTA within thirty days of the advice of his expulsion. The Managing Committee shall bring up such an appeal on the agenda of the next general meeting of the UKTA.