Dear Esteemed Members

United Kingdom Telugu Association (UKTA) only Trade Mark registered Charity in England & Wales. I hope all of you are safe by the grace of Almighty. I am glad to share that 12 jubilant years of a period (Pushkara) has passed since the establishment of the UKTA. In these years, we have witnessed unprecedented and unpredictable events. We have been collectively serving the society facing many complex situations. All the stupendous achievements wouldn’t have been possible without your great co-operation. Once again, I extend my sincerest thanks to all of you on behalf of the UKTA.

Let’s recall the important events of the past 12 years:

It must be stated that the UKTA, inaugurated by the Sangeetha Kalanidhi, late Shri Mangalampalli

Balamuralikrishna, has undoubtedly set a new trend since its inception. Firstly, Sankranti Celebrations and Business Meetings for enthu- siasts at the British Parliament; secondly, Cricket Matches at the Lord’s I Stadium and Stadium Guided Tours for all guests; thirdly, Parlia- mentary Visits and Guided Tours for Members; fourthly, yearly International Women’s Day Celebrations at the Indian Embassy; last but not the least and fifthly, Student Conferences and Cultural Festivals. These are the Yearly Events 1st Annual Day celebrated in a grand- way by particepation of Tollywood Hero Vicory Venkatesh, Sir John Vincent Cable, Secretary of State for Trade & Investment, Sh. Yarasu Pratap Reddy, AP Law Minister , Dr. K Krupa Rani, MP and other diginataries.

(2) Apart from these, there are Biennial Celebrations every two years:

(1)          Twenty special historians were invited from India in 2012 and the first World Telugu History Conference was held in the British Library for two days. The RI Hon Alistair Burt, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Mega- star Shri Chiranjeevi, MP was the Chief Guests , Lord Bilimoria as puest of honour and Late Sir Arthur Cotton’s grandson Mr. & Mrs. Robin Cotton was special guests. In the evening, mellifluous music concert was organized by the famous music artist Shri Mani Sharma and his team courtesy. Megastar K Chiranjeevi first ever appearance on London Troxy theatre , meeting audience and publicly announced about his re-entry into films was hiphlipht of the evening. Film Director Sh. Hari Shankar presence on both days were a special attraction.

(2)          In collaboration with Vanpuri Foundation (US) the 4th World Telup u Literary Conference was grandly organized for two days in 2014 at Royal Regency in London by inviting 15 prominent Telup u literary prodigies from India. Eminent persons Shri Suddala Ashoka Teja, late Shri Sirivennala Sitarama Shastri, Shri Tanikella Bharani, Shri onnavittula Ramalingeshwarao participated , Sh. Akkiraju Sundara Ramakrishna, Dr. Kolakaluri tonic , Sh. Pamulsparthy Symalananda Prasad , Sh. Vaddepalli Krishna in this programme. A Literary Confer- ence was held in the British Parliament with all the literary icons who came here and a felicitation programme was held with the Mem- bers of the Parliament. One evening a prand pet together with Indian Community took place. Tollywood Sunil Varma entertainment, Tanikella Bharani Q & A, Late Shri Sirivennala Sitarama Shastri poetic journey and Dr. Suddala Ashoka Teja Janapada sammelanam hiphliphts of the evening.

(3)          In 2016, in various cities in the UK and Europe, 18 Exhibitions and 9 Art Conferences were organized by a gathering of 45 Kuchipudi and Bathukamma artistes in collaboration with the ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs, India. It is no exaggeration to say that this prand cultural programme is one of the greatest celebrations in the history of India. The opening ceremony at Bhavan , London was inaugurated by Supreme Court Judpe, Hon’ble Justice Shri Jasti Chalameswara Rao, and the closing ceremony at London Troxy Theatre was praced by Shri Pawan Kalyan. The presence of Sh. Paw an Kalyan more than 4 hours along with producer Sh. SHARRATH Marar a special attrac- tion of the evening. These spectacular events were a feast to the participants who were all eyes and ears at Troxy Theatre, London.

(4)          Britain declared 2017 as ‘India-Enpland Year of Culture’. In an unexpected development, 30 different Indian dance artistes were invited to perform in leading cities in Enpland and fi nally performed at the World Travel Market. An Art Conference was held in the British Parliament with all the artistes and a Felicitation Programme was held with the Members of the Parliament.

(5)          In 2019, there was an event that made India proud. UKTA- England, Vennam Foundation-America, Swaranidhi- India, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan-London jointly achieved the prestigious Guinness  World Record in Indian Music. Shri Swara Veenapani the Music Maestro (i.e. Shri. Vogeti Naga Venkata Raman a Murthy) played the 72 Melakarta Ragas of Indian music relentlessly for 62 hours and 10 minutes on a Western keyboard and dedicated the Guinness World Record (GWR) to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of our Father of the Nation. The GWR was took place on Wednesday, 2nd October 2019 in the evening at the Bhavan, London in the presence of Mr. Jock Brockbank, Official Adjudicator, Hon’ble Speaker of Telangana State Assembly Sh. Pocharam Srinivasula Reddy garu, Sh. Manmeet Singh Narang ji , Minister ( Coordination) High Commission of India, Ms. Cllr Dariel Brown Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham, Dr. M N Nanda Kumara, Executive Director, Bhavan.

(6). In Year 2022 1st ever TTD Sri Srinivasa Kalyanams in UK & Europe in 7 countries and 12 cities with 9 Vedic Priests from Tirumala

Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) conducted in great way. It’s rememberable at every city in UK & Europe.

If you see the chronological order in 2012 Language History (Bhasha) , in 2014 Literature ( Sahitya) , in 2016 Indian Dance ( Nrityam) , 2019 lnc Jian Music ( Sangeetam) and in 2022 TTD Srinivasa Kalyanams ( Devine – Dyvathvam), it looks total accomplishment of an organization. We can proudly say we are the best in community services.

Finally, special thanks on behalf of UKTA to the artistes Shri Daggupathi Venkatesh, Shri Konidela Chiranjeevi, Shri Sunil Varma, Shri Pawan Kalyan, Shri Suddala Ashoka Teja, Late Shri Sirivennala Sitarama S astri, Shri Thanikella Bharani, Shri Jonnavittula Ramalin- geshwararao, Members of British Parliament Lord Bilimoria, Mr. Virendra Sharma, Mr. Dane Boyats, Lorcl Loomba, Lord Dholakia, Baron- ess Peshawar, Baroness Sheerla Flather, Lady Bracewell Sirith, Lady Heather Billimoria, Lady LOOMBA, Lady Rana , Mr. Ian Stewart, Mr. Stephen Timms, Sir John Vincent Cable , Mr. Simon Hughes, Indian Embassy Officers, Indian Officials and Indian Dignitaries Shri A. Chakrapani, Shri Mandali Buddha Prasad, Shri Yarlagadda Lakshmi prasad, Shri Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Shri K.E. Krishnamurthy, Late Shri Jaipal Reddy, Shri Yarasu Pratap Reddy, Shri Alolu Indrakaran Reddy, Shri Pocharam Srinivas Reddy and the Sponsors.

My I request to all the esteemed members through thisletter if you could kindly provide us with the necessary support, we arc confident that the UKTA can do similar community service programmes with increased spirit for another prosperous period.

Thank you


Founding Chairman